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Become a PAAH Member: Support our Seniors

We've had a slow start, due to COVID, but PAAH is excited to announce our new Membership page and program for residents of all ages and those who wish to support PAAH's efforts in helping our Philipstown seniors age at home.

It doesn’t take much to make a difference in someone’s life: a ride to the post office, a ramp built over the front stairs, help with a computer issue, or sharing a fun program with others. We can do this for one other. PAAH can help provide the connections to make it possible

Members of PAAH are neighbors helping neighbors to support one another as we age. Membership fees will help cover the costs of insurance, part-time employees, website needs, development, marketing materials, and other needs. ​ Members can be of any age or any location. We offer two level of membership to make it widely available, depending on your comfort level in giving at this time. Visit our PAAH Membership page for more information.

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