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PAAH meets with Outreach Coordinator for Senator Schumer!

On April 28th, Nancy Montgomery arranged for Sheila Rauch, Lynda Ann Ewen and Susan Freeman to meet with Megan Glander from Senator Schumer’s office. Megan is in charge of outreach to the Hudson Valley Region.

The PAAH representatives expressed both excitement and concern about elements of the Infrastructure Bill, soon to be introduced to Congress, that directly affect seniors. If the provisions relating to home care somehow make it out of the amendment process and into law, there will be real opportunity to affect how seniors are able to stay in their homes. That’s the exciting part. The concern is that localities way down at the level of Philipstown won’t see that money or that change.

Meeting Megan Glander was a good first step in making the connections we’ll need in order to be able to track and to influence how federal grants are spent. We’re extremely grateful to her and to Nancy Montgomery; both emphasized being willing to help at any time.

Here is a link to a good AARP article on what to expect from this bill:

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