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Join us in a discussion about Death and Dying

In our society speaking of death is generally not done and all too often the issues that are of concern are swept under the rug.

A death café provides an opportunity for open discussion about mortality. A group of people comes together to discuss their fears, concerns and desires about death and dying - either their own or that of a loved one - and through sharing an opportunity to face the challenges inherent in recognizing some day we will all die is provided. What does a “good death” mean to you?

The folks at Beacon Hebrew Alliance (BHA) have organized a group of congregants to fulfill Jewish customs relating to death. In doing so they realized that many people wanted to have the opportunity to openly discuss death and dying. This is a discussion that is not limited to congregants or to Jews. It is open to anyone who wants to discuss these issues.

The organizers of the BHA Death Café have cordially invited us to join them on Thursday, December 9, from 7 to 9pm (or until people are done!) at 331 Verplanck Ave, Beacon, NY 12508.

Please RSVP to and provide proof of vaccination. Masks are required.

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