We will have different teams as our needs grow. For now, as we develop the structure for organizing our volunteer efforts, the following are the areas we wish to concentrate on:


Transportation. We will need to implement effective insurance coverage. To vet our drivers, we hope to be able to use the services of the Putnam County RSVP program; we will need team members to work with the county on this.


Events Programming. Our aim is to identify presenters from within and without our community and organize monthly programs.


Helping the homebound. We will need to identify those who might appreciate help, and we will develop a policy to provide assistance.


Care Giver Relief. We will develop a program to offer care givers support.


Advocacy with the Putnam County Office of Senior Resources. Guided by our public officials who might wish to help us, we will work to revise or add to services offered by the County.


Outreach for PAAH. We will develop and implement strategies to grow our organization and attract new members.


We hope you will want to join one or more of these efforts. Whether or not you wish to join a team at this time, we welcome all your ideas and suggestions of friends who might wish to join us. Please respond to

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