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Our Story

Philipstown Aging at Home (PAAH) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization begun by a group of Philipstown seniors who wish to live their lives in the homes they love, here in the heart of the Hudson Valley.

Our inspiration is the “Village” concept, a community of neighbor helping neighbor within a town or regular village. Find out more at

Many seniors, despite our desire to remain in our own homes, move to Senior Care Homes as we age as the safest and best choice. Philipstown Aging At Home aims to be a hub for a vibrant, senior-focused community providing practical and social support for those of us who choose to age in our own homes and to do so safely and with confidence.


Each of us, no matter his or her age, has talents, knowledge and wisdom to share. Ideas and volunteers from all age groups are very much welcomed. You will enliven our community enormously. The organization’s programs will be shaped in response to the specific needs, interests, and talents of our seniors and volunteers. The resulting simple services and programs, designed to support, engage, stimulate, and entertain seniors, will help us to maintain rich and fulfilling lives.

Our focus is on:

  • Building a volunteer base of neighbors helping neighbors - with anything from shopping or small home repairs to games groups, arts groups, and caring contact with isolated seniors. 

  • Providing a platform for enriching and educational programs that are cultural, informational, and fun!

  • Advocating to local officials for simple measures that will enhance our lives as we continue to live independently.

  • Informing you of relevant news and resources - our goal is to supplement rather than replicate existing programs.

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